August 2018 Winners

Michelle Pearson – Cormorant portrait
Joan Darcy – Hanging on
Winner & best junior
Laura Oppel – Masses descending Bramante spiral staircase
Malcolm Sutton – Tunnel of light
Rhona Sellschop – Olifants River
Winner & Best Senior
Jacques Sellschop – Spooked at a twentieth

*** PSSA senior image of the month for August 2018 ***

“It was in the near darkness of 5pm on a mid-winter’s evening at the Djuma property in the Sabi Sands reserve. The challenge set by our host, Villiers Steyn of the ‘At Close Quarters, Big Cat Safari’  adventure was to  “…. try a slow shutter speed like a 60th, or even a 50th, and pan when you take the next shot.”  Of course, I had to be extra smart and chose a 20th of a second.    That was on  a Nikon D4 with 70-200mm lens at 200mm.  An ISO of 1000 with an EV of +.3 offered an aperture of f13.   Something spooked a herd of Impala just as I was gathering my wits to handhold a 200mm lens at a 20th on a vehicle in the bush.  I panned and prayed.  A textile company has offered to buy the result as a material design for curtains and cushion covers.”