March 2017 Winners

Ken Etberg – Terry

A straightforward portraiture shoot.

Lighting: On camera flash bounced off wall on my right. Window light on left.

Canon 5D Mk l ; EF 28 – 135 mm IS USM ; Focal length 90 mm ; f5.6 ; 1/40 sec ; ISO 500

Tanya Nadauld – The nest builder

Canon 7D Mark 2

Canon EF 5.6L 400 mm lens

ISO 640

1/4000 th @ 400mm F5.6

Capturing the tireless female Amethyst Sunbird as she races to complete her nest.

Winner and best junior
Daryl Benecke – Artist at work

We were visiting a restaurant in Charleston NC USA. This artist was working in the restaurant and selling his paintings. He was happy for me to take this pic.

Settings: ISO 200, 18mm, f6.3, 1/40th sec. Sony Alpha A77 ii, Sigma 18-200 Macro F3.5

Karien Behrens – Tulip
Dave Mullin – Haunted House

The image was taken in Mauritius in December at a defunct limestone factory. My son had previously reconnoitered the site for a night shoot. As we were packing up I saw the derelict house and suggested lighting it internally for effect. The conversion to mono was effective due to the lighting, clouds and starlight. Processed in LR CC, and Nik Silver Efex. Nikon D800, 16-35mm @ 16mm, ISO 1600, F4, 20 second exposure.

Winner and best senior
Jacques Sellschop – The extended family

Taken from a vehicle parked at a waterhole in Etosha at 3pm in bright sunlight.

A tripod-mounted Nikon D800 camera,  fitted with a 600mm f4 lens.

Set on aperture priority,  the  ISO of 500  offered  an aperture of f16  at a 640th shutter speed with EV at -.7.

Given the very shallow depth of field of the 600mm lens, I chose an aperture of  f16 to encompass all the detail on the elephants, front to back, while still diffusing the more distant background.