June 2017 Winners

Winner & Best Junior
Ken Etberg – Blue to red
No entries
Malcolm Sutton – I am here

A pair of Purple Crested Turacos would visit our neighbours garden early in the morning. Normally they scurried around in the branches and called from a fairly well concealed position. On this occasion one sat out in the open and started calling. Notwithstanding, I had to remove a few branches / twigs from behind the tail to clean it up in post-processing and because the set subject was contrasting colours I added some yellow for the otherwise dull background.

Date & Time: 31/08/2015 @ 07H02.

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII;

Lens:      EF500mm f/4 L.ISII USM

ISO 800; f/4; 1/60 sec

Winner & best senior
Tim Gould – Fly meal


1/160 sec


ISO 200

Equipment :

Nikon D750

Lens 60 mm  f2.8

Macro close up filter, 4 x magnification

Two speedlights

Lights set up on each side of subject

TIP : allow the spider time to enjoy his meal and only then position yourself for the shot .

Nerissa Naidoo – Water fight

These two boys were having fun on a dam wall during a wedding photoshoot. I used this opportunity for high speed photography.

Camera:  CANON 5D III

Exposure:  1/2500sec; f5.6; ISO 500

Henry Oppel – Durban rickshaw