July 2017 Winners

Winner & Best Junior
Chrystal Nair – I see you

Some info on my pic:

– Model: Tanelle

– Location: Orange Rocks

– Time: Sunrise

– Camera: Nikon D3200
– Lense: 18mm-55mm

– F-stop: F/5.3

– ISO: 200

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Dahleen Sookdew – Confused

This photo was taken at the Holi celebrations in Marburg. The fun starts at night so I had to use a flash. My camera was set on Shutter Priority. The little girl’s expression is what I loved most about the image.

Winner & best senior
Ian Taylor – Naturally framed
Nerissa Naidoo – Hot stepper

This Jacana was out early one perfect morning as the sun came up on the Chobe River.

Camera: Nikon D700 with a 600mm F/4 Lens

1/3200 sec,   F9,  ISO 800

Kathy Kay – Reed climber

This tiny reed frog (only two centimetres long) was photographed at a dam in Shelly Beach.

I used a Nikon D3s and a Nikon 105 macro lens. I wanted a dark sky in the background to contrast with the lovely yellow and green colours of the frog, so used a flash. My fstop was f11, shutter speed 1/60 and ISO 320.