August 2017 Winners

Gordon Dinner – Friends forever

Picture taken in Spain using Canon 350d  35-70 lens. This family were so content to be with each other even if times are hard. Just had to capture it.

Tanya Nadauld – The calm

A slow shutter speed allowed me to convey the sense of tranquility I felt on this particular afternoon with the sea and sky being so calm.

Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 with 16-35mm f4 lens

focal length of 16mm

30 second exposure @ f18

ISO 100

Winner and best junior
Michael Skellern – Jumping spider

The picture is of a jumping (Salticid) spider that got itself covered in pollen in a yellow flower of a garden weed, an expert told me it is a female ‘Brancus Mustelus’  and it is about the size of a sunflower seed. It is photographed with a macro lens and flash, the flash freezes the action, f8 to f16 supplies very little depth of field. One problem is that the flash needs to be diffused significantly to prevent white reflections, another difficult part is focusing, which I achieved by swaying slowly back and forth and snap when the eyes appear to be in focus. The spiders have around 7 eyes and are wide awake so do not take to sitting still for pics. One needs Patience (notice the capital P) to succeed with these animals. The ratio of keepers to throw outs is very low in my hands.

Winner & best senior
Tim Gould – A flutter
Nerissa Naidoo – Tasting

I was testing a friend’s camera just after a drizzle  and was fortunate to spot this Fly in my garden.

Camera: Canon 7D mark II

ISO 250 ,  1/200sec, f 11, spot metering, flash was used.

Henry Oppel – Banzai Surfer